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Hello everyone!
Welcome to the official website of sunrise educational trust!

If you have come this far searching us then there might be a reason you are doing so! And to help you understand better let us introduce ourselves a little more so that it becomes convenient for you to know us more.

We, at the sunrise educational trust, ensure that every child who has an economically challenging background with minimal resources to fulfill their educational qualifications get their dues without having to think twice of the monetary burdens for carrying out the same.

Not only here in Jammu and Kashmir, but there are many unfortunate children around the country who suffers from such unruly and unfortunate conditions and their primary education remain unfulfilled due to their financial background.

Thus, we have taken this initiative to help those in need and provide the basic education to all the needy children who have the potential to prove their talents to the world given that they get the optimum resources for doing the same.

Our hardworking team members always make sure that children from economically poor backgrounds get every facility when they get enrolled in our sunrise education institutes and evolve as stronger individuals to be successful in the future.

We aim to contribute to the weaker section of the society to uplift them to be competent and confident enough to face the world with a zeal to win in all situations! We would like you to move on to the other pages of this website and get wider knowledge about us and our visions.

Thank you for visiting the official website of sunrise educational trusts!

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Rajesh Sharma

Founder Desk

Imparting quality education and illuminating the lives of the masses through modern and efficient education system is a challenging and noble task. It is the right time for us at this information age, to prepare for the progress of our country and society. This would eventually lead to the prosperity of the nation as well as Humanity.

Manpreet kour

Founder Director

Sunrise Public School, under the Sunrise Educational Trust (SET India) is providing FREE Education, FREE Book, FREE Uniform to every student of the society who cannot afford to go to priviate school.. We took the initiative in the year 2012, now we have more than 200 students. Along with the education we are purely focus on the overall development of the student can it be curricular activity, personality development, dance activity, table manners, games


Indian dental association. Organised dental Camp in Sunrise Public School

Indian dental association. Organised dental Camp in Sunrise Public School on 20th March 2018.They come with team of Four Doctors named Dr Sahul Lerra Senior dentist owned Dr Som's clinic Dr. Divya Gupta owned dental root clinic, Dr. Shazia shabeer and Dr. Mazid khan. They examines 108 students accordingly they give treatment in their clinic.

Became a Volunteer

Request all the members of the society to join us as a volunteer , guide, mentor to enhance this noble cause for the upliftment of the society . There is no legal obligation. If some body comes forward to help the upliftment of the society especially in the case of education i am sure you will feel internal satisfaction

What Can We Do?


Donate for the noble cause, to uplift the weaker, needy, poor section of the society


Another Way to help the society is that, one can join voluntarily, help is not always in the form of money


One can adopt a child by bearing the annual expenses in the education of a child


You can assist us in building an infrastructure for the school and


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Sunrise educational trust
Bank : Jammu & Kashmir Bank
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Branch : Patel Nagar
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