The FAQ for Sunrise Educational Trust

1. How old is Sunrise Educational Trust?

Though the idea of building such an institution has prevailed for long, the shape to the idea only came live in the year 2012 when we first started operations across our institutions. We have been running successfully since then and look forward to serving many young minds across the nation in the years to come.

2. What is your Objective?

Our objective is to make the country free of illiteracy rates by providing free education to those children who are from an economically poor background. We not only aim at providing free education but also look after the fact that the children enrolled with us get every related facility like getting books, uniforms, meals and other such things to get a good livelihood.

3. Why you are offering free education?

We are offering free education because there are many such economically backward children in our society who have sharp minds and amazing talents but they do not get enough exposure and platforms to showcase their talent and grow their skills. Thus, we want to provide them with basic education totally free of cost so that no children are prevented from getting the best educational facilities while growing up. For us, every child is the same no matter what is the financial backdrop of the child.

4. What are your future plans?

For now, we plan to increase our number of institutions to make room for more children. We are looking for getting a better teacher-student ratio in each of our trust institutes. We are also focusing on providing better facilities for senior citizens by giving them free medicine and health checkup facilities. We are looking forward to making the infrastructure better for not only our students but for our staff as well. Thus, we are in a mode of development now and we shall reach our goal soon with your sincere donations.

5. Who can join your school?

There is no bar to students of any caste, creed or religion to get admission in our educational institutes. We believe in “one nation one education” motto and hence we do not discriminate amongst people. Anyone from a poor economical background willing to enhance their education and skills can contact us for direct admission to our institutes.

6. Do you charge anything for school fees, books or uniforms?

The facility that we provide to our students is entirely free of cost which means there are no charges for books or uniforms and there are no school fees as well. Our sunrise educational trusts are completely free of cost and non-profit organizations which do not ask for any kind of revenue from the enrolled students. We provide all the services and education without charging anything from economically poor background students.

7. How you can meet your expenses?

We meet our expenses through the sincere donations made by our active group members and all our well-wishers. Though we don't run on loss, we don't run on profit also. The expenses of every child are well taken care of by our board of trustee members based on the sincere donations by several people across the world.

8. Donation to your organization is exempted under Tax?

Yes. the donation that you give to our educational trust is exempted from taxes under 80G which means you do not have to pay any tax for any amount that you donate to our trust.

9. What are the minimum criteria for the student to join the school?

The minimum age to get admitted to the nursery class is that the students msut be 3+ years of age. There are no more such criteria to join our school. Beyond that, if anyone seeks admission in higher classes then the criteria vary accordingly.

10. Where are you located? city/state?

For now, we are located in the union territory of Jammu but we plan to expand our reach across the country very soon.

11. What extracurricular activities do you perform in your school?

Apart from giving our students world-class educational facilities, we also provide guidance to them by improving their creative sides. We indulge them in several extracurricular activities which include various sports practices, music learning, English speaking courses, exposure outside of the school campus, art and craft lessons, etc.

12. What kind of help can be provided to the school?

You can help the economically backward students enrolled with us by helping them with your sincere donations. It can be through monetary support or by donating books or through any other means possible. It would be our pleasure to have your help in providing free education and other facilities to our students and the children who belong from an economically poor background.

13. What are the facilities that your students get?

Apart from providing free education to our students we also look up to the fact that they grow mentally and physically as well. We take it in our stride to provide life lessons and make them understand the lessons of life better. We also make them learn art and crafts and help them explore the creative side of them. Not only education, but our students get other facilities like hostels, meals, medical assistance, exposure to certain platforms and other such facilities which help them to evolve as better human beings in the coming years.

14. Is it safe for the students in your institute?

Our institutions have 24x7 security guards and CCTV surveillance to keep a strict check on the campus. We ensure all our students and staff remain under tight security so that any kind of mishaps does not occur inside our campus. All our students are entirely safe inside our campus and thus, no one needs to worry about any kind of security dispute when admitting their children to the sunrise educational institutes.

15. How can people donate to your trust?

We accept donations in various forms. You can donate in a cheque, cash or you can transfer the amount directly into the bank account details mentioned on our website. The process is easier and you can donate without much hassle. Just click on the “donate now” button on our website and you will get every detail of how to do it easily.

16. Do you accept overseas payment?

We accept payment from donors across the world. For overseas donors, there are certain payment getaways through which you can make direct payment in our trust’s account and we will get the funds instantly.

17. Is this a government recognized organization?

Yes. Our educational institute and trust is a government registered non-profit and non-political organization that works for the betterment of the society.

18. Why should people trust you with their children?

Because we run this organization selflessly. We do not charge a penny from those who belong from an economically poor background. Instead, we provide them with free education and other basic life amenities which help them shine and prosper in life. Thus, people can trust their children with us as we are not involved in any kind of fraudulent commitments. Further, we ensure when your child would pass out from our institution, he or she would find a better meaning of life which could have been impossible for them to achieve!