About Us

About Us

Sunrise educational trust (SET) is well known for its contribution to society in the educational niche. It is a registered non-governmental organization which is also non-profitable and non-political in every means.

The main motif of the trustee members is to provide free education and other such necessities to younger children of the economically poor background who have the potential to excel in life. The team members are all professionals in their respective niche of work and are qualified social workers too!

The vision of all the team members of SET is to provide education and basic life teachings to those in need without expecting any kind of profit in return. They believe in serving the people and thus, are very dedicated to what they do- social service!

There is no discrimination of caste, creed or culture in our institute and we do not take admissions based on one’s religious beliefs.

We are only here to serve the society and help the young minds to get wings to fly by providing them better education and teaching them the principles and values of lives which may be they would not have got due to their financial inefficiency!

Missions and Visions

The team of sunrise education trust dreams of providing education to the needy children from every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir and make the state free from the illiteracy rates.

Not only that, but we also aim to expand our reaches to the entire country and abroad in the years to come with our non-profitable mindset which only focuses on doing better for society.

The visions that we have in plan to execute in the future not only includes educating the children but also provide other facilities to the needy section of the society.

These visions include
  • Providing free education, free uniform, free lodging, free study materials, and all the other necessities to the children enrolled in our institutions from classes 5 to 12.
  • Provide a safe learning environment for the students staying with us.
  • Focus on strengthening our relationships with like-minded organizations to impart better facilities on our campuses.
  • Promoting our missions and visions related to the educational and cultural uplifting of the weaker sections of the society in various parts of the world.
  • Opening an old age home for the senior citizens and provide them with all the necessary facilities to help them spend their old age happily and healthily.
  • Provide guidance to the team for strong leadership management and team building operations.
  • To establish many more such institutions and manage schools and colleges with the same visions. We also aim to open up marine colleges for pre-sea training.
  • Provide onboard training to the crew and officers team who will be the crucial part of our team in expanding our operations throughout the country and worldwide so that we can provide world class facilities to our children.
  • We also aim at conducting blood donation camps, eye camps, medical camps, etc. for helping the needy sections of the society apart from the educational prospects.
  • We hope, now you are able to understand our visions and missions clearly!